Positive Impact of Coronavirus

There is always a two sides of a coin that’s why we are discussing about Positive impact of coronavirus

You Have been watching around you

The Way the sky has turned grim

The Way the air is now cleaner

The best way to appear in the night skies, you can really see the stars

The atmosphere has become so evident that the Himalayan peaks are observable from Nearby places

These news reports have been pouring in from global

The atmosphere is now cleaner, the water is now clearer, the contamination levels have dropped

What’s the effects of corona virus and lockdown about the surroundings?

What do we understand from this?

Come, let’s see

Nitrogen dioxide (NO₂)

When we are discussing about Positive impact of coronavirus

we should understand about few things like Nitrogen dioxde (NO₂) is a poisonous gas which is emitted by the engines of automobiles, trucks, buses and out of factories

Then it may cause an enormous inflammation on your breathing pipe that May Lead to issues like asthma

Today, Because of This lockdown, the Amount of automobiles plying on the streets have become less

Factories have closed down and thus, in the towns all Around the World

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has dropped drastically

Take the case of Italy- Notice just how much NO₂ was current in Italy at March 2019

and just how far it got decreased in March 2020

It’s possible to see the way the NO₂ concentrations have dropped compared to 2019 in those cities

among the most harmful types of air pollution

Can travel out of the lungs to your blood flow which Won’t only cause respiratory Issues

It’s so lethal that World Health Organization has estimated That Each year, worldwide

Contemplate it

Over 4 million people die Due to This

Currently, because of the lockdown, the PM 2.5 levels have decreased worldwide

Take a Look at India’s map

What has been the focus of the PM 2.5 levels in the Whole nation on 7th April, 2019

It’s depleted by a significant amount

This Is why, nowadays, you Can view the clear blue skies in Various cities Throughout the Nation

And Can see stars in night

Have a Look at this picture of Mumbai

You Wouldn’t even Have the Ability to comprehend – it sounds as Though It’s a town from a foreign nation

This tells us just how much difference will air pollution create from the attractiveness of a town

But the Majority of the people in our nation Aren’t concerned with such problems

When a mandir- masjid issue will increased, then countless people would grow up to riot

However, if air pollution is discussed, nobody has voice is heard

A question may arise in your thoughts here

That when PM 2.5 levels have decreased so drastically under lockdown,

Then the Amount of people dying of air pollution could likewise have become less

The lifestyles of individuals has rescued because of the drop in air pollution

He gathered the information from the PM 2.5 degrees in the Chinese towns and in comparison to the mortality Prices

And noticed exactly what affects will falling PM 2.5 levels could have about the mortality Prices

And that study concluded that

The decreasing levels of contamination in China in only this 1 month

Only in this 1 month

Over 77,000 lives have been spared because of this decrease in air pollution

It’s such a Huge variety

Consider it yourself

The Entire number of deaths because of the corona virus globally is about 75,000 right now

In the time of this making this movie

Over that amount of lives have been saved only within China Because of this decrease in air pollution

In the event the authorities constructs sewer treatment plants in the Ideal Way

And creates powerful regulations for its companies and businesses to deal with their waste ,

Then this could occur and our oceans can seem this way

That is the state of not just the Yamuna but also of the Ganga river

Perhaps we ought to guarantee such lockdowns Each Year for a week

So the Whole population of the country sees and understands

They could grab a glimpse of the possibility of where our nation can attain

This lockdown has likely also caused some impact upon the animal and wildlife life

This is also a major positive impact of coronavirus since a Great Deal of movies Are Getting to Be viral by which infrequently seen animals have come out to the roads since the roads are abandoned

Although, Lots of these videos have been imitation

I am calling it fake in the sense that it Wasn’t so rare for those animals to emerge on the roads

Since the folks were claiming it had been

But you can definitely state that the folks Weren’t celebrating this wildlife

Today They’re observing more since the streets have become so abandoned during the lockdown

So It’s a Fantastic thing which the people are celebrating the biodiversity in and about them

Then You’ll notice that the transport sector has a Massive participation in it

And of course, throughout the lockdown there’s been a decrease in most of it- diminished number of automobiles are plying

Diminished number of airplanes are flying and therefore, of course,

There’s a Huge decrease in carbon dioxide emissions.

However enormous?

Experts are forecasting that this is the biggest decrease in carbon dioxide emissions following World War two

Around, a decrease of 5 percent

But let’s now proceed to the disagreeable news

Celebrate this graph

That is the graph of the global carbon emissions within the last 60 Decades

You can see that the global carbon emissions are steadily climbing Each Year

That Has made the climate shift from evil to worse

But detect the areas where there are drops from the carbon emissions

You may see there’s been a fall from the 2008 Financial Crisis

The fall was noticed from the Asian fiscal crisis

There has been a Second Oil catastrophe and also a First oil crisis- Subsequently, the carbon emissions had diminished

Are you currently celebrating a pattern ?

The routine is that if the market crashes, then the carbon emissions return

And it is a Fantastic news for the environment

There’s an unfortunate reverse connection here

Between environment and economy

Once the economy crashes, then it Is a Great news for the environment

What’s this occurring?

That is occurring because our market is very stern connected with fossil fuels

Coaloil, oil and the Rest of the non sustainable forms of electricity

They’re the main sources of electricity now, which conduct the transport sector

Which operate the production industry

That Are responsible for the creation of power generation worldwide

This Is why, Once the transfer industry screeches to a stop,

Afterward the carbon emissions return

When energy needs fall globally, then the carbon emissions return

Afterward the carbon pollution and emissions Will return again

That is exactly what occurred in China too

However, there is an opportunity among this disagreeable news

While some people think about positive impact of coronavirus on the other side

A Great Deal of businesses have shut down and a Great Deal of people have faced job losses within this Financial crisis

The authorities can use this Chance to push renewable energy sector

Once the authorities transfer cash to the businesses to animate themselves ,

And to renew the market again

Subsequently the authorities should concentrate more on the renewable energy

The coal oil and oil industries shouldn’t given a Great Deal of support

So the closed industries stay closed and renewable energy gets a new lease of chance

It has seen the number of activities do the authorities take on this

And just how much stress does the people keeps upon the authorities

As of today, it stays so that the positive effects I told you about in this movie

Are temporary consequences for a Brief term

The whole situation may revert to exactly the Exact Same when the lockdowns are removed

The clean air and the waters that are clear which you see is Just for a Brief while- like it

because when the lockdowns will removed, the contamination and squalid conditions are likely to grow


If You Don’t keep pressure on the authorities and provide priority to these problems